Configure Cas Array On Exchange 2010 Server

Configure Cas On Exchange 2010 Server.

Whats is a cas : Cas nothing but client access array it is use for load balancing your exchange servers.

Prerequisites for Cas.

1.Windows 2008 R2 Server With Domain Controller.(

2.Windows 2008 R2 Server Member of Domain (

3.Any load Balancer

Install Exchange 2010 on Both the windows servers.

Prerequisites for Exchange 2010

1.Windows 2008 R2 server (Should be domain controller)

2.Install IIS Roles.

3.Filter Pack 64 bit.

Once You installed exchange 2010 servers on your  both windows servers.

Login to the domain controller.

Create a A record for your load Balancer for ex:

Open Exchange Management Shell.

Using the Exchange Management Shell, enter the following command to verify that there are no
existing CAS arrays:



Click On Enter

Using the Exchange Management Shell, enter the following command to create a new CAS
New-ClientAccessArray -Fqdn -Site Default-First-Site-Name


Click On Enter…..where is the FQDN of the Client Access server array, and Default-First-
Site-Name is the Active Directory site to which the Client Access server array belongs.

use the Exchange Management Shell to enter the
following command to add a mailbox database to the CAS Array:


Click On Enter.

If you are deploying in a multiple-site Exchange environment, you should restrict the Set-
MailboxDatabase cmdlet with –Identity ‘mailbox database name’

On each CAS server do the following steps:
1. Configure the static port in the registry. Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Start
Menu. Add a DWORD (32-bit) value named TCP/IP Port under

Change in to 65500

Add a String value (REG_SZ) with Value name RpcTcpPort

Change the value data to 65501

And restart the exchange servers.

Now we need to map these two exchange server ipaddress to  VIP ipaddress of LB with port numbers 443 and 65501,65500.

You can access OWA using vipaddress ex :

Use of configuring cas on exchange..

it use for load balancing your exchange servers. And if primary exchange server goes down it takes connections form secondary exchange server  using vip address.























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