How to install and configure a VPN Client in Ubuntu for pfSense.

The below procedure shows quick and command line option to configure your openvpn  client to connect to pfSense Firewall.

1. Install OpenVPN Client:

$apt-get install openvpn

2. Copy the archive file to your specific directory:  Say vpn_files. You might have received this  archive  from your  firewall admin.

$mkdir ~/vpn_files

$cp  fw1-udp-1194-<username>    ~/vpn_files/

3. Unzip the archive:

$cd vpn_files

$unzip  fw1-udp-1194-<username>

4. Connect the VPN  with the following opiton

$cd  fw1-udp-1194-<username>

$sudo openvpn –config  fw1-udp-1194-<username>.ovpn

You will get the output with connection established.





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