Setup PPTP Vpn Server on CentOS 5.7

In This Scenario:–

Vpn Server ip add:

Vpn Server Os : Cent os 5.7

Vpn Client ip add :- to


1. Install the PPTP vpn  package form yum repo.

yum install ppp -y

2.Onec installed package.

go to vi /etc/pptpd.conf  file.

3.edit the pptpd.config file .

Search for localip and remoteip options.

4.edit localip option and remoteip.

localip : Server ip

remoteip: –

and save the config file.

5.Open vi /etc/ppp/options.pptpd

search for ms-dns option.

edit the ms-dns = your dns ipadd.

save the file.

6.Open vi /etc/ppp/chap.secrets.

Add Vpn Username and Passwd

ex: xyz(user name) pptpd 12345(passwd)

Save the file.

7.service pptpd restart

8.chkconfig pptpd on,

9.log on to any windows box in the network. on my network place option. create new connection connect to the network at my workplace. on next,select virtual private network connection. on Automatically dial option. on next.enter the vpn server ip add. on next.finish

17.right  click on your vpn connect. will popup user name and passwd.

19.enetr the vpn username and passwd.

20. vpn will get connect to your company network.






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