Linux Sysadmin qualities.

Our day to day work develops our character. Below are the characters evolves after getting into a Linux Sysadmin.

1. Loves command line.

As we move more and more into Linux administration we start disliking the graphical parts and mouse clicking.

2. Always look for keyboard short cuts

A  good  linux admin look at the keyboard shortcuts as he loves keyboard than mouse. Also he loves the terminal shortcuts,aliases,ssh config files.

3. Before playing with config files take a backup

It is the same mv config config.moved before starting any changes. It saves your time and even your career some times.

4. Automates as much possible.

In linux you can automate most of the routine tasks than windows. A good linux admin should know  perl,bash,sed awk etc. to automate his tasks.

5. Anticipate issues and take backup.

Whether it is windows or Linux sysadmin, backup is the best friend during breakdowns.I telling from my bad experiences !!!

6.Document as much possible.

It saves time. Your documents are next friend. Without documents you  re-invent most of your routing works daily.

7. Use revision control as much as possible.

Revision control of the configuration files will help to improve you productivity.Use RCS,CVS,SVN anything!. It helps.

8. Never use root user directly

As good linux admin learns from mistakes,he tries not to use root account directly. Use sudo !!!.





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