Wan failover and load balancing

Load balance or failover traffic from a LAN to multiple Internet connections (WANs). With load balancing, traffic from the LAN is shared out on a connection-based round robin basis across the available WANs. With failover, traffic will go out the highest priority WAN until it goes down, then the next is used. pfSense monitors each WAN connection, using either the gateway IP or an alternate monitor IP address, and if the monitor fails it will remove that WAN from use.

Note– Before starting, make sure all of the WAN-type interfaces are enabled. For static IP WANs, make sure they all have a gateway set.

Configuring dual WAN link load balancer



In a gateway group, each gateway is assigned to a tier to determine when it is used. The lower tier numbers are preferred. If any two gateways are on the same tier, they will load balance. If they are on different tiers, they will do failover preferring the lower tier. If the tier is set to “Never” then the gateway is not considered part of this group.

Configuring link fail over

When two gateways are on different tiers, the lower tier gateway(s) are preferred. If a lower tier gateway goes down, it is removed from use and the next highest tier gateway is used.

Configuring the firewall rules for load balancer

Firewall > Rules > Lan > Add

Configuring the firewall rules for failover

Click on the Display advanced button > scroll down > find Gateway option and set it to LinkFailover1:


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